LEVELizer™ is the safe, quick, and easy ladder leveler.


The ground we work on is rarely flat and smooth, which causes ladders to dangerously lean. Even a barely noticeable slope will drastically affect the way a ladder leans. The Levelizer™ easily levels ladders in a matter of seconds. By providing a stable base for the ladder, the Levelizer™ allows you to safely and quickly complete whatever job is at hand.

Our ladder leveler patented design compensates for the incline of small slants to substantial hills simply by placing the ladder on the Levelizer™ surface. Our product also features spikes useful on grass and dirt surfaces for added stability, and conveniently hangs on most ladders for easy storage. Proudly made in the USA to the highest standard of quality.


The Levelizer is needed for nearly all outdoor ladder use:










Ladder Levelizer

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